The Disabled Suicide Bombers of The Islamic State

The Islamic State's propaganda is multifaceted and made up of different narratives. A lot has been written about how the Islamic State (hereafter IS) employs these narratives in their propaganda output, and how the group's media is carefully crafted in order to promote their overall narratives. These different narratives are…

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Car Bombs as Weapons of War (Case study/Middle East Institute)

I just published an in-depth case study with the Middle East Institute, where I examine how IS design/tactics and use of SVBIEDs has evolved and adapted since 2014. The full case study can be read here:

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Daesh in Daraa – The SVBIEDs of Jaish Khalid Bin al-Walid

History Jaish Khalid Bin al-Walid (The Khalid Bin al-Walid Army) was an IS-affiliated group that operated in the Yarmouk Basin in Syria's southwestern-most Daraa province since its formation in May, 2016 until they were militarily crushed in a Syrian loyalist offensive in late July, 2018. However, before they became known as…

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From Mosul to Raqqah: SVBIED innovation & Inter-provincial military cooperation

This is the first part of a series of articles covering the IS development and innovation of SVBIEDs from the battle of Mosul to the current situation. The first part will cover the battle of Raqqah, while the second part will cover the battle of Deir ez-Zor and the concurrent…

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The History and Adaptability of the Islamic State Car Bomb

Historically speaking, car bomb usage has been reserved for use by terrorists in civilian areas. A nondescript civilian vehicle filled with explosives would detonate at a target, causing deaths and wreaking havoc. While that statement partly stands today, there's one place where car bomb usage has adapted and changed. Anyone who's familiarized themselves…

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