An Explosive Renewal of the Islamic State in Libya? (Guest Post)

This is the first guest post on my website, written by the knowledgeable Calibre Obscura. As this topic revolves around IS' use of SVBIEDs in Libya, my previous in-depth article on the topic is a good primer. Late in the day on June 6th 2021, a local police facility on…


Islamic State of Iraq – A Snapshot of SVBIED Design & Use

The group we know today as the ‘Islamic State’ only became known as such after a series of successive transformations and name changes over the course of more than a decade. One of its predecessor groups was the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI). Proclaimed in mid-October 2006[1] after the death…


The History and Adaptability of the Islamic State Car Bomb

Historically speaking, car bomb usage has been reserved for use by terrorists in civilian areas. A nondescript civilian vehicle filled with explosives would detonate at a target, causing deaths and wreaking havoc. While that statement partly stands today, there's one place where car bomb usage has adapted and changed. Anyone who's familiarized themselves…

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