Cinematic Depictions of Up-Armoured SVBIEDs: A Review

Following the rise of the Islamic State (IS), directors around the world have sought to capture this multi-faceted phenomenon on the big screen. Movies and TV shows have covered IS in different ways, with stories ranging from the qualms of IS foreign fighters to the grinding counter-IS fight undertaken by…


The Disabled Suicide Bombers of The Islamic State

The Islamic State's propaganda is multifaceted and made up of different narratives. A lot has been written about how the Islamic State (hereafter IS) employs these narratives in their propaganda output, and how the group's media is carefully crafted in order to promote their overall narratives. These different narratives are…

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The World’s Largest Collection of Suicide Car Bombs

An SVBIED (Suicide Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device) is usually a very high-value asset for the group using it, meaning that they're typically deployed in quite a reserved fashion. Even for IS, it's not often that you see them use more than two SVBIEDs at the same time. Large collections of…

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