Transplanted Armour: The Franken-SVBIEDs of the Islamic State

In the process of capturing a piece of territory that at its height was larger than the UK, the Islamic State (IS) was able to capture large quantities of armoured vehicles from its opponents. While many of these vehicles (primarily those of Soviet origin) were reinserted into their stated combat…


The Disabled Suicide Bombers of The Islamic State

The Islamic State's propaganda is multifaceted and made up of different narratives. A lot has been written about how the Islamic State (hereafter IS) employs these narratives in their propaganda output, and how the group's media is carefully crafted in order to promote their overall narratives. These different narratives are…

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The Myth of the Remote-Controlled Car Bomb

Two weeks ago, I published an in-depth report with European Eye on Radicalization, in which I examined the who's and what's of Remote-Controlled Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (RC-VBIED) use. In the report, I compare and contrast the use of such devices by a variety of non-state actors in Syria, including…


Car Bombs as Weapons of War (Case study/Middle East Institute)

I just published an in-depth case study with the Middle East Institute, where I examine how IS design/tactics and use of SVBIEDs has evolved and adapted since 2014. The full case study can be read here:

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Mining Haul Trucks – The Largest SVBIEDs In The World

The SVBIEDs used by the Islamic State (IS) throughout the years have come in all different sizes. Everything from sedans, to pick-up trucks, heavy transport trucks, heavy construction equipment, and military armoured vehicles have been converted into rolling bombs. While large shell vehicles have been relatively common, there's one rare…

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