An Explosive Renewal of the Islamic State in Libya? (Guest Post)

This is the first guest post on my website, written by the knowledgeable Calibre Obscura. As this topic revolves around IS' use of SVBIEDs in Libya, my previous in-depth article on the topic is a good primer. Late in the day on June 6th 2021, a local police facility on…


The SVBIEDs Of The 2016 Aleppo Offensives – Part 1

First of all, I would like to thank a number of people who assisted me with information, translations, geolocations, and footage for this article. These people include, among others; E_Of_Justice, John Marquee, Suheil al-Ghazi, Samir, Qalaat Al Mudiq, Danspiun, Jakub Janovsky, and Riseuprebel. This is the first of a two part series…


Triumph & Symbolism – What Happens To Captured Car Bombs

Ever since the conflicts in Syria and Iraq progressed toward semi-conventional fighting in 2013-2014, up-armoured suicide car bombs, or Suicide Vehicle-Borne IEDs (SVBIEDs) have been a recurring feature of the battlefields. Lacking air superiority, non-state actors in both countries have resorted to using these weapons as a form of "poor…

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